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Life Insurance, Features and Benefits of Life Insurance

In the case of death benefit, a premium payment and permanent life insurance, the three main components of the life insurance contract account for cash value. Death Benefit: Death benefit is the amount that the beneficiaries of the insured will receive after the death of the insured.

Life insurance helps, but after every tragedy it is very important for everyone who knows what happened in today’s crowded life. In such a case, if you have insured properly with your valuable things then it works like a backup aid for you. how? We will tell you about this further.

10 Important Things to Know Before Buying Life Insurance

Which plan is right for a man, it depends on many things. As it is the stage of life, what are its responsibilities? The needs of a twenty-five-year-old young man and a forty-year person will be different, and their purpose will be different. Today I will share some similar things with AchchiKhabar.Com:

First know how much you must have Life Insurance

Here, from “how many” I mean, not from premium, but from sum insured or sum assured. This is the money that the family receives on the death of the person.

Thumb Rule says that a common man should have 10-12 times life insurance his annual income. For example: If your annual income is 5 lakhs then you have a life insurance  of 50-60 lakh The logic behind this is that if a person dies, then his family should get a lump sum of money so that if he is kept safe somewhere then his interest will be around the person’s annual earnings and no financial crisis on the family Not coming

It is not a big deal to take so much insurance. If you want you can take a good company’s term plan. A 28-year-old friend of mine has just recently met Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance Co.

If you do not have insurance based on this calculation, then you should first arrange it and then think of any other kind of investment. I have seen many Seths paying millions of rupees annually and if their sum insured If that happens, then it is not even 10 lakhs.It’s only foolish to say that.

Take life insurance at an early age:

As the age increases, the companies charge more premium for the same sum insured. It would be better if you take Life Insurance at an early age . The course man that started that income is less Isliaap your bike policy according to their budget and increased income as such and a new policy.

Combine Life Insurance with any purpose:

When you add a purpose with any policy, then it becomes more than a piece of paper. In this case, the chances of lapse of this policy are reduce … you have a reason to run it regularly. Being objective does not leave you and advisor time to understand the worthless plans and about the right policy Only do the discussion.

It is important that you know your purpose and accordingly plan your plan. Your aim may be to raise money for their retirement, may be higher studies of children or on hand if you are making your aim Tax Saving.

Unit Linked Insurance Plans can be a good option:

If you want to invest your money (Minimum 5 Years), you want Tax Benefit on that money, Life Insurance Cover and also want a good return, ULIP is a very good option. . Especially since September 1, 2010, the IRDA has reduced the charges of such policies, and this has made it a very good option for the customers.

Just take care of one thing in taking these policies, buy them in the Monthly Mode, because these polices are related to share-market. And by paying premiums in the monthly mode, you lose a lot of chances of loss. You can expect a return of 15-20% if the policy runs for long periods.

Now if you have to take policy only in the annual mode of tax saving, you can also ask the life insurance company to invest your money in a monthly mode. Generally, in some policies this option is available. , You can choose one of them.

ULIP also has a number of options for Funds, the choice of fund does not leave you advisor, rather than consulting a knowledgeable person, select the right fund for your needs. You also have the convenience of changing your funds in the middle, be sure to take advantage of it.

Use websites to choose the right policy:

By visiting such websites you can compare the plans of all companies and you can choose the best option for yourself. You must do this job because any advisor will just tell you the characteristics of your product and try to tell it the best, but you will all know at these sites.

Use Internet to purchase policy:

Most people take life insurance through an agent or advisor but if you want you can also buy a policy through Internet. You can take advantage of this facility by visiting any company website. Doing so will reduce your premium, because now the company will not have to give any commission to the advisor. But if you are consulting with an advisor, please buy a policy from it. And keep in mind that pay only through the premium cheque and never forget to take Rashid.

Give the insurance company the right information:

There is a principle of Life Insurance , “Principle of Utmost Good Faith”, according to which both the company and the customer have to give each other the right information. For example: If someone has diabetes and does not tell this thing in the application form and in some years due to diabetes, family members will not get the sum insure. It is therefore important that you give accurate information to life insurance company. It would be better if you sit down with Imtiman and fill the form in front of yourself. And keep his photocopy near you.

Do not go on enticing promises:

If someone makes a promise that he will double your money in three years, then never take a policy from him. According to the IRDA rules, any life insurance company can not show you a return of more than 10%, if someone is confusing you then be cautious. It may be that the company has given an unprecedented growth before, but it will always be that there is no guarantee.

Take advantage of Free Look Period:

You can return your policy within 15 days of receiving the policy document. So even if you have taken any policy by mistake, there is no problem even then you can take it back by converting it or convert it to another plan.

Get Rider Sure:

You can attach some additional coverage or rider with any policy. For example: Accident Death Benefit (ADB), a serious illness (CI) is a very low cost to get riders. You can get ADR riders by paying an extra additional one lakh rupees. The nominee will have to pay double the amount of sum insured on death in any accident. Generally the advisor is not able to tell about them, so it is important that you keep them in mind.

There is a similarity between friends life insurance and helmets in their country. Both have not been made for this reason, for which Bunkey has some selfishness in taking it. Life insurance is taken for tax savings and the police take helmets to avoid the penalty. Even the real value of both of these is known only when a tragic incident decreases. So if you do not have any of these then do not wait to know your real value, just take it as soon as possible. Thank you.


Different types of insurance or insurance have different benefits. We have given details of some of the important Insurance Types and their Advantages.  product liability insurance / insurance agency /


If a person who has a policy made by depositing a specifie value in life insurance plan or life insurance, money is given according to the policy and terms of the policy made to the nominee of that person.

This policy is left to the family, especially because it has no faith in life, so most people adopt this policy so that after their departure, their family can get some help in the matter of money. term life insurance / claim / online quotes insurance


In case of accident insurance plan or accidental policy, if you have a policyholder accidentally depositing a specifie value, according to the policy terms and conditions, if the policyholder is hurt or disable by the policyholder. Due to hospital expenses or dead, the amount is given.

The biggest advantage of the Accidental Insurance Policy is that you do not have to spend any kind of expenses after your accident occurs. The Insurance Policy Company raises the cost, but there are different terms in different policies which should be read only after reading.


In the Medical and Health Insurance Scheme or Medical and Health Insurance, you also submit a specifie value to all the health related matters of the person who has been insure, such as going to any illness hospital, the cost of medicines, the cost of operation, etc. The insurance provider does the company.

This policy is very important because every person has a little bit of sickness every year. In this case, these policy companies also spend some regular checkups in one year. Health insurance policy proves to be very helpful when it is not a guarantee that due to the deteriorating health of tomorrow, there are no guarantees.


If you have your car, motor cycle or any other vehicle then vehicle insurance plan or vehicle insurance  is important for you. This type of insurance policy proves to be helpful in the accident or theft of your car.

It is very important to do this policy because it is done for one of the valuable things of our house for Yankee vehicles. These days, there are more expenses incurre on these vehicles even when there are minor incidents. If your vehicle is Policy Insure, then there is no need to panic because you can also claim a claim from the company giving insurance policy for the small loss of your vehicle.


In the home insurance or home insurance, the insurance is done in with the goods and structures of your house building. In this, insurance company carries expenses on the loss of both home or home goods.

This insurance works in the collapse of the house, an accident, theft of goods, burning or any such disadvantage, in which the damage done to the goods kept in or out of the house.


If you want to travel somewhere or with your family, travel insurance or travel insurance can prove to be good. In such case, the insurance company carries loss rupees when the trip is delaye or cancele or the accident occurre during the trip.


If you are a farmer then you should definitely insure your crop every year. What is the weather’s confidence that it may rain? But if you insure your crop you can cultivate without worry.

If your crop is destroye due to rains or any other reason, then the insurance company compensates for losses.


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